Pronto!™ By Maeva Advisors

Dentistry’s Practice Performance System

For DSOs & Practices Who Seek Faster, Smarter Growth

Convert Your DSOs & Practice Data into Faster Growth. Pronto!

Pronto!’s AI conducts a comprehensive evaluation of hundreds of clinical, financial, operational, and cultural metrics across your practice. It then meticulously compares these metrics to established benchmarks and goals over multiple time periods, pinpointing the top opportunities specific to your dental offices all within one click.

Ensures your systems and data sets are established correctly thus empowering Pronto! to identify and tackle the most pressing challenges

Builds a path to performance saving you time and making you money

Pronto! AI makes the combined data from your PMS, VOIP, HRIS, Payroll, and other systems more actionable

Integrates the most meaningful data with specific goals that an experienced practice analyst holds you accountable to

Why Pronto!?

Practice owners and managers depend on Pronto! real-time alerts to guide them in identifying, diagnosing, and prioritizing operational opportunities with no data interpretation, accurately and efficiently.

Yes! No data interpretation, no confusing dashboards, no kidding!

With just one simple click, powerful Pronto! AI identifies and prioritizes your practice’s challenges, and then puts you on the path to tackle them. And with exceptional training, Pronto! makes it easy for dental practice professionals to improve performance efficiently and effectively. Pronto! is always on, always there, always simple, always powerful. Book a demo today.

Pronto! is dentistry’s practice performance system.
For Dental Practices, DSOs and Multisites:
Moving from Practice Management to Practice Performance

Powerful Pronto! AI identifies specific practice performance opportunities and builds a precise path to better performance. No other system on the market can match the power of Pronto!

Pronto! is a groundbreaking performance management system designed to give dental practices complete, single-point access to all their operational data. Pronto! AI integrates data from practice management systems, finance & accounting, human resource & payroll, patient communication, reputation management, and call scoring/VoIP systems to help practice owners and leaders make better decisions based on the most accurate data, faster! Pronto! has been taught to recognize key areas of improvement based on years of operational expertise to help practice leaders prioritize opportunities with a single click, delivering a powerful path to performance.

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